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In an attempt to promote gentility to the environment we only work with certified organic natural fibers.

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Our threads are 100% natural with no additives, synthetic dyes or blends. We only work with the 22 natural and original colors of the Alpaca and organic cotton.

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Our fibers which are natural and organic are produced with techniques and instruments which are recognized and respected as biodegradable and renewable.


Our main objective is to reduce our footprint on the earth and as such we avoid any industrial processes. As a result, our products are produced while also saving both water and energy in the region.


We also promote the welfare of wildlife. We are very mindful of ethical practices in this regard. We have an utmost respect and focus on ensuring that our alpacas are from natural and unaltered pastures.


Less carbon footprint with alpaca breeding as their hooves are no harmful to the soil


Less water consumption as Alpacas are camelids that don't consume too much water


Fumes produced by industrial production as our artisanal handweaving machines need no electricity


Of water contamination due to the no lack of dyes nor chemicals in our textiles